Gropius Series

designed by Kateryna Sokolova
NOOM is a young, fast-growing design company from Ukraine. They create sculptural and eye-catching design pieces that elevate any space.
Gropius Low chair is not just a seating piece but a sculptural statement in the interior and is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus School. Ideas of functionalism and conciseness, the combination of craft and art, buildings and objects formed by a composition of simple geometric shapes, are still relevant. The designer has "gathered" the shape of this chair from balls and cylinders. A round pillow and an ottoman appeal to interact: to pump, to play, to bubble.
Sofa Gropius is the newest addition to the NOOM’s "Gropius" furniture family. Inspired by Bauhaus principles, the sophisticated and sleek geometric shape of the sofa transforms the space, enhancing its aesthetically pleasing setting. Designed as an evolution from the Gropius chair, the Gropius sofa is available in different colors.

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